Angst, de basis van angst is controle. Verdriet is blijven hangen in het verleden, aan de top van de golf die al voorbij is, daar blijf je hangen, dat is het verleden. Angst is de anticipatie, het vóór willen zijn van die opkomende golf.

Dus angst leeft in de toekomst en schuld leeft in het verleden. Alle angst is te herleiden naar angst voor de dood.


What is the inner experience of hitting bottom? It comes out of the feelings of hopelessness and despair; the person’s small self is saying, “I, of my own self, cannot handle this.” The person surrenders out of the hopelessness, and from that comes the willingness to let go, to surrender to something greater than oneself. At the very bottom, in the pits, one realizes and accepts the truth that “I, of myself, my own individual personal self, my own ego-self, am unable to handle this. I am unable to resolve it.” It is out of this defeat that victory and success arise. The phoenix rises out of the ashes of despair and hopelessness. It is not the despair and hopelessness that are of value but the letting go and the realization of the limitation of the small self. In the middle of the catastrophe, the person says, “I give up. I cannot handle this,” and then may consciously or unconsciously ask God for help. Due to the law of free will and the nature of consciousness being what it is, it is said that the great beings that are willing to help all of us are waiting for us to say “yes.” It is the sudden turning from the bottom of the barrel to the willingness to accept that there is something greater than ourselves that we can turn to. When the person says, “If there is a God, I ask him to help me,” then the great transformative experiences happen that have been recorded throughout history from the very beginning. The beginning of the great worldwide organization of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) came out of such an experience. Bill W., the famous founder of AA, had hit bottom. He was in a state of total despair and hopelessness and gave up the personal self. At the time, he was a nonbeliever, but he said, “If there is a God, I ask him to help me.” At that moment came a great transformative experience, the spiritual power of which is evidenced by the millions of lives that have been affected by the energy that flowed out into the world as the result of this man’s sharing his spiritual experience. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D., David Hawkins. Healing and Recovery (Kindle Locations 3425-3440). Veritas Publishing. Kindle